Increase Online Shopping Part 1

For many e-tailers, the abandonment of the basket and the low conversion rate on a payment page is a bitter fact of e-commerce and online shopping. But it is possible to remedy it, you can increase your online sales giving practical information and gain the trust of users to initiate a purchase online, made in optimizing your checkout page for higher conversion rate .

online shopping

Design and layout of a commercial site

This is where much of the buying decision: buy or not buy?

The best design practices cart are played here, as good use of spaces and uses, a clear demarcation to define the steps of the order process, payment and points to stimulate the act of purchase.

1. Give users a visual order process:

The ideal is to integrate everything on the same page, numerous studies have shown fewer pages and clicks the command is more sales. However, if no other choice but to have several pages, giving users a visual indicator of their progress in steps.

2. Add payment buttons to the top and bottom of the page:

This is less time to spend searching for users and allows more commitment in orders.

3. Include credit card logos and security seals:

Show the users that your website is a safe and trusted place to do business. Integrate popular security seals: Verisign BizRate and …

4. Give the option to continue shopping on the payment page:
Internet users may have forgotten something, and there’s nothing worse than hitting the back button and find your empty.

5. Detach, get out or continue shopping:
If you have these two side by side buttons, consider changing the color of one of them to distinguish them, add a lot of space between them reduces the risk for the user to click the wrong button …

6. Give visitors the opportunity to easily create an account:

Nothing is more detrimental than asking the trade register number to create an account and provide an opportunity for shoppers to track their purchase right order.

Their basket includes details page on the added element, a financing offer, free shipping, protection plan and related accessories on a page.

7. Allow users to print or send Contents:

Sometimes the user is buying for someone else, need to get or enter an access code, a step that requires stopping the payment process. Make sure that there must be a rather long break and facilitate entry.

8. Allow the user to save his cart or add to his wishlist

Online shoppers use the cart as a storage list, it would be interesting to give the possibility to save their cart or to add products to a wish list for future purchase.

9. Blocking pop up

Often the antivirus or browsers block pop up, which may explain the abandonment of the basket, for this, use email for tracking by adding a discount code to their order.

10. Remember to include links to your privacy policy, shipping details, FAQs and return policy.

These are very important for a customer. You may also consider testing a live chat option on the payment page if the customer has any questions before ordering.

Pls stay tuned for the part 2 of the article

Cheap Accommodation Options

Below, we offer some desperate emergency options for accommodations. They are rather possible solutions in emergencies, if we miss the train or unable to find hotel for that night.

So, do not, Take it as a recommendation for accommodation, but as a simple idea to spend the night best if we are left stranded.

Internet Cafe

Indian internet cafes are a good choice if we lose the train or find hotel for one night. They typically cost between 800 rupees and 1,500 rupees for a stay of about 5 to 8 hours.  In the mcafe one can spend the night in a private cubicle, connect to Internet, read all the comics you want, unlimited coffee and soft drinks and access to a shower (with rental of towels, shampoo, etc.).  The basic cubicles usually have a leather recliner chair and apparently quite comfortable some have sofas (where someone could lie not very high).  There is a bed, but to rest a while for a bargain price is not bad.  Some chains like Satyam Infoway etc are very popular and which you will find everywhere;)

Karaoke Rooms

Another desperate option, if we need to spend the night under cover and not find hotel, rent a karaoke room.  Just do not pay for the free drinks or what began as an economic option will become very expensive though possibly very funny;) Karaoke rooms vary in size depending on the number of people, and allow us to take a break in relative silence (as the rooms are soundproofed) or spend hours singing sheltered from the cold, rain or just indoors.  Many karaoke close at 3:00 hours in the morning while others are open all night, so it depends on us to find.
Thermal bath or sauna

Popular in large cities, saunas are communal hot springs that often are open all night.  The grace of these saunas is that they usually have a break room or relaxation room, with tatami or massage chairs where we can spend a few hours or overnight, if we need.  So, they are the ideal place to fall round after giving a bath and in fact is where indiaese and indiaese rest past alcohol or tired from the long hours of work, rather than backpackers. These saunas cost about 3,000-4,000 rupees per night ie, are more expensive than the capsule but not much more than hotels and you have to keep in mind that we will not have any privacy, so we consider this in the options ‘of emergency’. But you could apply Oyo Rooms Coupons to bring down the price even further or probably get it next to free 😉


Another desperate option for emergencies.  If we need to protect us from cold and did not find any other place to shelter us from all that we have given earlier, McDonald’s restaurants in india, open 24 hours, is the ideal place to spend the night (meaning “ideal” as a place ‘not you have to stay lying in the street ‘). Obviously we can not lie down and sleep, but eat something, close your eyes and take a break if we need.


‘Sleep outside’ and ‘sleep in the train station’

Although both activities are illegal in india, it is not uncommon to see young sleeping in a park, in the field or on the train.  And it is that india is a safe country, so if we were drawn can actually sleep in the street or in the train station without fear to be left in lingerie and without any belongings, but we repeat, is theoretically illegal (unless they are emergencies, such as cancellation of trains etc).
Moreover, given that there are services in the vast majority of stations and parks and communal bathrooms where shower and bathe in several neighborhoods and cities, it really is an option for those who have lost their hotel one night and do not want or spend 500 rupees McDonald’s menu the previous option: D



Some Indians temples offer cheap accommodation to travelers and pilgrims called Satram, a type of housing intended primarily to pilgrims is open to anyone who wants to enjoy an experience 100% india, as well as sleep in one of its rooms, we can observe and participate in the daily prayers and rituals of the temple (at odd hours, of course). Staying in a temple usually costs between 3,000 and 9,000 rupees per person / night and usually includes vegetarian breakfast.


Other options

For travelers who want to experience the most authentic and india that tourist want to experience india life 100%, india offers several options. Have you stayed at a place during emergencies and would like to share with our readers. Send us a shout.